Wags to Riches

Wags to Riches

Slot machine test: WAGs to riches

Wealth is already a very good condition, when it comes to slot machines. Would be nice to be able to cut a slice of it. And maybe you're lucky enough to do exactly that with "Wags to Riches". "Wags to Riches" offers also the one or the other bonus feature good symbols and many pay lines, can be used to get additional profits possibilities there will no shortage anyway? This makes "Wags to Riches" not only unique, but also very interesting, if you should have a profit. The mercury game machine has to offer quality. If you want to convince yourself, for example Sunmaker Casino offers you the opportunity to do so. You can get started right away and make you in the world of the rich and beautiful.

Play Wags to Riches online now!

WAGs to riches online play

What does it take to be rich and famous? Some swear by the business plan, the others are flirting with the same symbols. And only the latter will help you in "Wags to Riches". Like in any other slot machines, it is identical symbols, which must be a number, so they throw off profits. But not anywhere, but on the so-called profit lines, where "Wags to Riches" has not saved. Twenty pay lines will allow you to be able to make the one or the other winning line.

Each payline covers five fields, ranging from left to right. So, there is the biggest gain for a symbol with five allocated fields. If it goes well, several Paylines can provide at the same time profit, what can make a round are especially lucrative. However, also your usage depends on the height of earnings is calculated with a multiplier in each.

The different symbols in the WAGs to riches slot game

The numbers and letters are simple symbols in "Wags to Riches" and count from three same symbols in a row, which must begin by the way always left and must not be interrupted by a different motive. Rich you will not afford still it of course just combined with other lines their share to a bigger profit with these symbols where.

The four icons are much more palatable for your account. To the car and the diamond, on the other hand the "WAGs to riches"-symbol. But only wild white really convincing. Five pieces of them on set and your bet is multiplied with a factor of 500. By the way can replace other motives, so jump up as the joker wild.

Where everything normal, right "Wags to Riches" but with the bonus symbols go. As would the shopping bag, with the "spending spree feature" will be thrown. There is a new playing field with new symbols, with which you can win. With the "free spins" you can off icon spins three piece win, which of course are no usage for the account. The dancing couple provides for the "disco Inferno feature", where you move across the dance floor and a multiplier can grazing.

Slot machines instructions from WAGs to riches

The glittering wealth that beats against you in "Wags to Riches", can be already contagious. And in fact, the odds are not bad, according to the manufacturer the theoretical payout percentage is 96.00%. Two screws are in each round available. For one, you can reduce the number of lines, on the other hand to raise the stakes. Both has a direct impact on your chances of winning and the height of a possible earnings.

So many features "Wags to Riches" also has, there is here no risk mode, in which you could once again use your winnings on a 50/50 chance. However, "Wags to Riches" is a pretty good game machine, because he holds so many possibilities. As the picture symbols even from two fields are actually getting something for you is.

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